Want to know what sets Narrows Labs apart from the rest?

Our quality control.

Every bottle you receive has gone extensive testing to make sure you get nothing but the best. We ensure that the products we sell meet a 98% MINIMUM purity.

The method we use to ensure this is our LOT# system. Each time we receive new raw powders, before we use them in production, we attach a LOT#s to the sample and send it to Colmaric Analyticals (a US-based, 3rd-party lab that specializes in the testing of supplements and nutraceuticals) to do HPLC testing.

When the test results arrive, we receive a certificate of analysis verifying the purity of the raw powder. If the powder is at least 98% pure, we use the raw powder in the production of our products. If it’s below 98%, we discard the powder.

How do you know that we are testing each batch of powders we receive?

We usually order raw powder monthly. As you can see on our product pages, we have our COAs posted that shows continuous testing dates usually no more than 30 days apart. We do this to show you that we are diligent with our testing.

How do I know your COAs are official?

We encourage anyone who questions the validity of our COAs to call Colmaric Analyticals (615-239-8604) to verify our tests.

When manufacturing our products, we are diligent in using checklists throughout our production process. A work order is made by our inventory manager, who then passes the work order on to our production team.

When powders are weighed and mixed, a designated quality control team member signs off verifying:

1) The correct powders is being used for the production run

2) The correct weight of powders are being used in the production.

We do this to ensure that none of your products are under-dosed or overdosed. When the final product is complete, our quality control team member then inspects each bottle to make sure it meets our quality requirements.

We take your safety and quality of our products seriously. With Narrows Labs, you can buy with confidence knowing that you’re only getting high-quality products.