NARROWS: Your BPC Questions Answered

Elite biohackers, world-class bodybuilders and anti-aging researchers are using an unofficially sanctioned peptide for rapid healing and whole body rejuvenation.

The potent peptide BPC-157 is turning heads and flipping paradigms in anti-aging because of how quickly and effectively it works as a healing agent and in arresting and reversing numerous diseases and aging conditions.

It’s a pentadecapeptide that is naturally produced in the gut and is a crucial chemical cog in the gut-brain axis that state of the art bioscience is increasingly recognizing as a piece to the puzzle of transformative biohacking and longevity.

Time is not kind to our biology. Over the decades our bodies endure all sorts of abuse from…

  • Toxic sugary, processed, GMO food.
  • The 24/7 barrage of EMFs from smartphones and wifi.
  • Disease, injection, and illness.
  • Our own vices, addictions and bad habits.
  • Environmental pollution and toxins.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs and aggressively interventionistic mainstream medicine. 
  • And even repetitive strain injuries from spending way to much time sitting in front of computers.

It speaks to the natural resilience of our bodies that most of us make it through 70 or 80 years of the toxicity of modernity. BPC-157 is not stimulant that spikes any specific hormones, it works by empowering the natural healing capacity of the body. 

What the science says about BPC-157

You can find over a hundred scientific papers and studies on it on Pubmed.

  • It’s an agent of Angiogenesis, it stimulates the birth of fresh blood cells. Villainous characters throughout history have infamously used the blood of the young to maintain their own youth – younger blood has numerous downstream effects empowering immunity, cognition, and metabolism.
  • It powerfully stimulates human growth factor which is why bodybuilders and athletes call it the Wolverine Drug, it accelerates tendon, ligament, muscle and bone healing.
  • A 2019 animal study showed that its stimulation of nerve growth factor resulted in functional recovery from spinal cord and even brain injury after concussive trauma, and in severe encephalopathies.
  • It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, especially in the gut, a 2012 study showed this effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut, and ulcerative colitis (ulcers).
  • It’s a brain-gut axis biohack, our gut is home to a population of several billion bacteria, it’s an ecosystem of its own that you can be a benign dictator of or you can allow nefarious bacteria to take over, resulting in cognitive decline, disease, and dysfunction. A 2016 study, documented BPC-157’s gut-brain modulation mechanism as a promising solution for various central nervous system disorders; epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.
  • Evidence for its effect as a joint and injury healing agent is strong. Numerous studies have demonstrated its transformative effect on bone, ligament, and tendon injuries. Aligning with this you’ll find a meaningful abundance of biohacker reports and athletes’ testimonials describing rapid healing of problematic joints, knees, elbows, etc.


BPC-157 is conspicuously sold as a research compound “for research purposes” and sometimes with the legal label “not for human consumption”. This is because it’s an unpatented molecule that has not been evaluated by the FDA. This means that you need to take extreme personal ownership for your health decisions made with it. You’re urged to do some reading of what people are saying about it, the near-universal consensus seems to be that it’s side effect free and tremendously helpful which aligns with the animal trials that found it to be non-toxic.

Infinite Age offers hassle-free capsuled BPC-157

Around the internet, you can find a lot of cheap Chinese-sourced BPC-157 in raw powdered form, this must be reconstituted very carefully and injected, unless you’re really handy with a syringe you’ll find this tricky so we offer capsuled BPC-157.

  • It’s a systemic peptide that works on the parts of the body in need of reconstitution and rejuvenation when taken orally.
  • 60 capsules containing 500 micrograms (MCG), the typical dosage that biohackers take.
  • It works fast, especially for healing joints and micro-injuries, there’s abundant anecdotal evidence that as little as several days or a week of administration will make a noticeable difference problematic joint issues.
  • Our BPC-157 is tested for purity and quality by licensed American testing laboratories.

Try BPC-157


What many are saying…

Jeff Robinson

“I’ve been using BPC 157 and TB 500 for over a month now and have seen significant improvement in gut problems. Initially started for some lingering muscular injuries but was aware of gut-healing potential with BPC. I’ve been blown away with the benefits I’ve seen. Typical food sensitivities I’ve been dealing with for years have pretty much vanished.”


Kevin Brown

“I also had some gut issues and minor hemorrhoid problems… In the first 4 days [of BPC-157 use] my gut seemed to have returned to being cast iron. I no longer have problems with foods that were causing me distress. Less gas and almost no annoying problems that come with hemorrhoids almost no blood when wiping and just a totally calm gut and normal output.”


A London Biohacker

BPC-157]has already worked perfectly for my gut issues and depression…”

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