Jeremy’s story

For years, I have suffered from depression and anxiety issue, along with a debilitating neurological disorder.  Still, up until my mid 20’s I had always managed to overcome my problems and continue to progress. During that time, I found myself in an abusive marriage.  I was working 15 hrs a day, averaging a day off every two weeks or so. I was seeing a doctor for my mental struggles, and the answer was always more medication. By the time my divorce was final, I was on 18 prescription medications for PTSD, depression, and anxiety related problems. I lived life in a fog and wasn’t much use for anything besides going to work and back home to sleep.  I ended up hospitalized after coming home from work and lying on the floor with a 107 degree fever.

Doctors got me stabilized and performed surgery, but follow up appointments showed that my health had really suffered during this part of my life. I was 50lbs overweight and my bloodwork showed dangerously high cholesterol levels. 

This led me to correcting some aspects of my diet, and becoming fed up with all those medications. I cold quit the ones I could, and stepped doses down on the ones I could not, until I was on zero doctor prescribed meds. 

A good friend of mine pushed me really hard to get in better shape. She is in the US Army and had me lifting and doing cardio in order to not be a “fat piece of shit.”  The gym became my therapy and outlet for frustration. I enjoyed learning, improving, and experimenting with supplementation and diet.

Last year my gym partner deployed for a year to the Middle East. At first, I had less motivation to train.  I had also seemingly hit plateaus as far as strength and muscle growth was concerned. Thankfully my new wife recognized how important training was to my physical and mental health. She never stopped encouraging me to keep going. To regain motivation, I began studying fitness and supplementation on Youtube and forums. This eventually led me to Narrows and the community surrounding it. 

The help I found there was twofold. One, Narrows products helped me to push through plateaus that had me frustrated.  Nearing 40 yrs old, recomping was not nearly as easy as it had been in the past. Narrows provided quality products that supported my training and goals. Secondly, the online community surrounding the company gave me knowledge to conduct my own experiments, in order to see what works best for me. It led me to knowledgeable people with similar interests. 

Now, I feel like I’m consistently making progress. I look forward to each day training, because I’m getting noticeable improvement regularly.  Mentally, I’m motivated and engaged, always having something to new to look forward to, whether it’s trying a new product, or applying a diet/training tip.  My overall health is better now than it was a decade ago. My kids are impressed and want to train with me. Its been a great journey so far, and Narrows is part of what makes it possible.

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