You’re almost there!

Soon to be part of the #TransformationNation

A big part of being an ambassador for Narrows Labs is creating videos for us to share with our engaged audience. So of course… we want to see how you film!

To finish your application, please record a sample video of yourself answering just ONE of the following questions:

  • What do you like about Narrows Labs?
  • What’s your favorite Narrows Labs product and why?
  • What does Transformation Nation mean to you?

It’s your choice which question you answer.

Your video can be up to 5 minutes long or as short as 30 seconds. It’s up to you.

You can film the video on your tablet, phone, video camera, or computer.

When you’re finished filming, send the video to with the subject line: Narrows Ambassador Video. (That way, we will see your video immediately.)

Once we watch your video, we’ll evaluate your application. If we find you a good fit, we’ll reach out right away.

Thanks for your interest in Narrows Labs ambassador program and our #TransformationNation.