Michael Gonzalez: My Crazy Life


At one point I wanted to overdose so I popped over 40 pills and for 2 days was in some sort of coma where all I did was vomit. I still lived… 

My name is Michael Gonzalez, I am the owner of Dafit Lifestyle which currently offers apparel, training programs, a youtube channel on supplement info and soon meal ideas and a service to help others who are going through the same things I went through and need to help to better themselves mentally and physically. 


The “DA” in Dafit stands for Drugs & Alcohol because that’s what my story is about. I’m from a place way down south in texas on the border, 15 minutes away from mexico called The Valley. I didn’t grow up playing video games, sports, or anything like that. 

My father was an alcoholic and mother left when I was 2. I was using drugs like cocaine and weed by age 10, hanging around with gang members I was committing robberies, burglaries, assaults, you name it I did it. At age 11 I had over 10 tattoos on my body, growing fast. I wanted to be the hardest gang member in my neighborhood, so whatever had to be done to accomplish it I was ready to do it. 


I have always been the person who made things happen, good or bad. If I wanted something I was going to get it. I got incarcerated at age 13 and practically stayed in until I was 18 yrs old, I got my GED locked up. Fitness was nowhere in my mind at this time and never had been, even though I was always considered skinny by friends and females. My attitude and aggressiveness made up for my lack in size. I was super skinny, weighing at about 140lbs all the way up until I was 27. Now, I’m 31, weighing in at 177lb. 


At age 18, when I finally decided to change my life, I moved away to another city. However, trouble followed and it usually always does if you don’t surround yourself with positive energy. I was still using drugs, this time not just cocaine but ecstacy, meth, crack… sometimes all at the same time. I would be high like this for days at a time, most of those times I can’t even remember because I was basically walking around blacked out. 

At one point I wanted to overdose so I popped over 40 pills and for 2 days was in some sort of coma where all I did was vomit. I still lived… I was in 2 drive bys where my vehicle was shot at multiple times. I can remember seeing the bullets flying towards me to the point I thought I was dead already. But once the shooting stopped, I hadn’t even been touched. I had been stabbed multiple times in different areas of my body, never going to the hospital because I was running from the police. But I’m still here. I knew things in my life had to change but I was too consumed in this negative energy. 


I already had 4 kids, being gone from them for days and days, so I can go out and do my partying all while leaving them at home with my wife (who is still with me). She stuck with me through all the lying  and the cheating. 


April 27th, 2014, it was a sunday morning I woke up to scream. My wife was screaming in tears and I thought she was saying my son fell off the bed so I turned to him and knew right away he was gone. 


I couldn’t even touch him because I knew inside he had left this world. I immediately got up, ran outside, and fell to my knees. I told God if this was part of the plan then show me. When I opened my eyes there was a butterfly right beside me. A  week or so before, a lady had given us some papers explaining how butterflies resembled God’s children. So at that point I knew, I had been praying for the strength to change and better myself. While others would have been confused with this, in my heart, I knew what I had to do. This was my wake up call.


I never questioned God not once. Instead I went to school, became a certified welder inspector and started doing refinery work. I traveled for the last 6 yrs and brought my family with me. I still battled with alcohol and drug use. It was not as bad as it was before but it was starting to get there again. 


Finally one day I said I’m going to get a gym membership. I also bought my first cycle. I’m not going to lie, I loved the way I felt. The size I had gained and all the compliments I got. This was 2016, when I got into fitness, and even though I went the steroid route, it stopped me from using drugs and drinking for a little while. 


Fitness was my new life ,for 2 years, I tried different cycles. Then I started getting really bad side effects like acne, gyno, heart palpitations, blood pressure shot through the roof, I started losing my hair, my emotions were so out of whack. My wife didn’t understand and thought I was cheating on her all the time because, one day I was okay, and the next I was so aggravated that all I wanted to do was argue with her. When I got drunk, the effects were even worse. I was like a completely different person. I was aggressive with her, I would break stuff all around the house and try fighting anyone that looked at me wrong. I knew I had to stop the steroids but I was afraid of losing everything I gained. 


Then in 2018 I found out about SARMS so I stopped everything except testosterone and gave them a try. But I got no results except other bad side effects. I tried 3 or 4 different companies and they were no good. So back to the steroids I went. 


I never stopped researching SARMS though, I just didn’t want to waste time on money on these products when I already had bad experiences. The aggressiveness with my wife came back, the mixed emotions, honestly we couldn’t even be sexual with each other because of how mentally messed up the steroids had me. 


About a year ago I came across Narrows Labs, and I’m not sure why, but I figured I’d give them a try. At this point I was in the process of being put on TRT. I had found a doctor and explained to him everything I had done, he had me do some blood work which showed my levels were low and my cholesterol was all messed up. I have been on it for the last year. I have been using Narrows since, around the same time, and have not tried any steroid  compounds since. 


I had an awesome experience with Narrows and have since used multiple of the products and enjoy them every time. Even though I have not completely left alcohol alone, in the last year being off steroids and on Narrows Labs, I have been able to still get good gains and strength in the gym. 


I have also slowed down on drinking a lot, me and my wife’s relationship is so much better. I went to school and became a certified personal trainer. I started Dafit Lifestyle, and I even bought a house. I am not telling you to go and use SARMs, but I am telling you that since I have gotten off steroids and into sarms, my life has gotten so much better. I’m not that crazy person I was anymore and my life is getting better by the day. 


I know soon I will be able to say I’m 1 month sober then 2, and then 3. Fitness not only changed my life it saved it. My goal with Dafit is to help as many people as I can in similar situations and show them that fitness builds discipline, it will strengthen you not only physically but mentally as well. “CHALLENGE IS CHANGE” by “DAFIT LIFESTYLE” 

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