Jordan’s Journey: From Skinny-Fat to Beach Body

Before, I was a recovering anorexic. At that point, I was 6ft and between 95-100 pounds. I had lost all my muscle and most of my body weight. 

After my recovery period, I found a love for the gym. I wanted to put on muscle and get healthy again. After a couple of years of training 6-7 days a week, tracking my food, and wasting my money on mainstream supplements; I didn’t ever achieve the results I had hoped for over the years. 

I was a skinny-fat guy that was put in the work but was still unhappy. I rarely cheated on my diet, trained hard, and was told by the people around me that I was the, “most disciplined person”, that they have ever seen. 

I was actually asked by my family and friends why I even go to the gym and why I never seemed to get any bigger. 

I never listened to the negatives and never stopped training hard, but just training hard wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to be someone people viewed as strong. That was before I stumbled across Narrows Labs. I jumped to being skeptical but gave it a shot nonetheless. 

I researched for about half a year and had hopes to change my life. Within a couple of months of researching with Narrows, I started to see results; big results at that. 

Training became even more intense and more beneficial than ever before. I began to feel stronger, feel better, and became more confident because of it. My quality of life changed for the better. The people who asked why I lifted began to say, “How are you getting so big?” and “You’re looking really strong.” It was at that point I realized that it wasn’t just me seeing results; it was the people around me. I thought to myself,  Narrows Labs is the real deal and have trusted them ever since!  

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