How Dustin Used Fitness to Fight Back

Dustin, Age 33, Narrows Labs Customer

6 years ago I was on the brink of death…

My family didn’t even realize how bad I was. Basically, I had disappeared for over a year. For almost 10 years I was in and out of the hospital for overdoses, kidney stones, blood infections, blood clots, and more from IV drug use.

Weighing in at 140 lbs, I didn’t eat or sleep. I literally ate once or twice a week (mostly candy) with almost zero sleep. My foot was on the brink of being amputated from an infection. I was in and out of rehabs, jails, and prisons. Finally, I was given a lengthy prison sentence.

I woke up and came to the conclusion that I didn’t want that life anymore. I was sick and tired of always being sick and tired. I needed to make a change. Since I would be incarcerated for a while, I decided to start my transformation with my body.

After an extremely difficult detox from the drugs, I started working out. I started with 20 pushups a day. Then 40. Then 60. A few months later I was doing 1000 pushups every other day and 800 squats on the other days!

I quickly realized I had a passion for fitness. I was gonna get in shape if it killed me! Little did I know, it was this routine of working out every day that would save my life.

Fast forward 5 years after release‚Ķ life has never been better! I have a great job that I’m really good at. I have almost everything and everyone back in my life.

The one thing I have from this experience, besides knowledge and wisdom, is my body. I have gained 60 lbs since then and I’m in better shape than I ever thought possible. I trained naturally for about 3 years before finally researching SARMS. I was stuck in a plateau and wanted to take my training to the next level.

“Narrows Labs helped me accomplish my goals and blast through every limitation in my way. They are a great company and I will be forever grateful for their awesome customer service and superior product.”

I will continue my journey and will compete in bodybuilding shows by the age of 35! If there is one thing to take from my story it is to never give up! All things are possible with a strong will, desire, hope, and support. If you or a loved one is battling addiction, please use my experience to motivate yourself to get better! If you need motivation contact me and I will share everything I’ve learned along the way!

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