From Meth-Head to Confident & Fit: Chance’s Story

My story; I’m just an average Joe no different than anyone else. My name is Chance by the way.

In my younger years, 16-18, I became a pretty hard drug user. The drug of choice was meth. The thing with that is the physical effects that the drug can cause it pretty upsetting and it took away from the confident personality I had always had. Made me doubt myself. Something I have never done. The voice inside me was saying you aren’t as good as you once were even though the drugs had me feeling like I still had it.

Eventually, as time went by, I no longer liked the guy staring back at me in the mirror. I was no longer the athletic-looking guy I had always been in highschool. I looked like I had cancer. I suppose as my body weight due to the drugs was around 132-135! 

This led to the decision of getting sober, which I did by myself, and quit cold turkey. One thing I learned is that in order to love yourself you have to care about your health which leads to the fitness aspect of things. 


Before I begin with that, I would also like to add that my occupation is a full-time dock builder on “Lake Oconee” in GA, which involves a lot of physicality. I mean a LOT. I’m handling 20-25 foot poles and standing them up into the water off of a pontoon boat then driving them in with a hydraulic pounder. Now, this type of hard labor leads to me seeking a lifestyle of fitness to help with the hard work. 


My theory was if your super strong, work should be super easy! Well so far on this journey of fitness I discovered Narrows Labs!! By a mile this company has been a game-changer in my work and my workouts. Outstanding results after only 3 weeks! Results in which each day that I woke up looked in the mirror I noticed a new feature no joke! 

To anyone that has the dedication and work ethic, I would highly recommend Narrows Labs. As for my journey, I will definitely continue to do purchase from these guys & without a doubt, good things will continue to come .

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