Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I ordered a package and the tracking isn’t updating, what’s up?

A: We drop off packages to the post office twice a day. We never hold onto your packages..

On a side note, USPS is good with their tracking updating but occasionally there are some packages that do not track the way they are supposed to.

Q: What happens if my package is lost or stolen?

A: If the shipment takes over 12 days without arrival (excluding APO and some international addresses), we will reship and cover the cost. We got your back.

Q: My order is missing items! (Or item is broken). What next?

A: First, please send a picture of what arrived for our records to, we can compare it to what you ordered and verify that the bottle was damaged. Then we can create the ticket and get a replacement sent out to you!

Q: There is no dosage directions on my bottle, how much do I take? Do I need to PCT when I am done with my cycle?

A: We really wish that we could answer these types of questions for you but Federal laws forbid us from giving advice. SARMs and Research Chemicals are not FDA approved and are NOT for human consumption. Please do not try to rephrase it to say “your rat, gorilla, chimpanzee, or monkeyfishfrog.” Either, we want to stay in business for a long time and to do this, we need to abide by the law.

Q: Are you guys going to carry Ostarine?

Sorry! We no longer carry Ostarine.

Q: Do you include mini scoops with your powders?

No we do not. They are available for purchase along with milligram scales from certain laboratory research sites and also Amazon carries those items. However, we highly suggest using a MG scale as mini scoops are not accurate.