Colin’s Story: Conquering Lack of Confidence

Since high school, I’ve always had self-confidence issues tied to my appearance. 

I never thought of myself as the “fit” or “attractive” guy. I used to be a distance runner. I was tall and lanky and never had much muscle. I had sort of resigned myself to having that body type and I was okay with it. I just thought that all the “attractive” and “jacked” guys had something different in their DNA than me. 

Eventually, I got to college, stopped running, and took heavy advantage of the cafeteria and quickly developed a beer gut. I was a tall lanky guy with no muscle…..and a belly. I was in a relationship at the time so I was okay with it. 

I wasn’t happy with my appearance but I had my significant other there to reassure me whenever I got depressed (which was often). 

Eventually, that relationship ended and the self-image issues and depression started to creep back in. I realized how out of shape I was. In an effort to feel better about my appearance I started eating right and running again and lost a bunch of weight. Probably too much. 

I had “abs” but in all honesty, was probably underweight. I had a friend introduce me to the gym and weightlifting and to my surprise I actually really enjoyed it. I was starting to feel better about myself and thought I was in good shape. 

Then one night my perspective sort of changed. One of my buddies and I were hanging out with a few girls and my buddy was telling a story about something that happened in the gym. The girls looked shocked. “You work out??” they said laughing. I was confused. “Yeah, I work out. You think I look like this by sitting around?” They responded, “Well you just look like you enjoy running and don’t eat too much.” 

At this moment it came crashing down. Just because I was lean didn’t mean I really looked strong or healthy. I was just a skinny guy again. 

For months I couldn’t get this girl’s comment out of my head. I started to get depressed again and wondered if working out was even worth it. I contemplated giving up on working out entirely, because in my mind, it would never make a difference anyone else would notice. 

My self-confidence was back to absolute zero. My friend told me I just needed to eat more to pack on size but as hard as I tried it never made a difference. I was at a loss. I felt like I was wasting my time.

Luckily after about a year of this being frustrated and depressed, I stumbled across the world of bodybuilding supplements and eventually found out about Narrows Labs and the community of people who use their products. 

I did a fair amount of research and eventually decided to try Narrows Labs, in addition to a workout plan I was linked to by other Narrows users. 

The summer I took the product made a world of difference. After a couple weeks of consistently taking the product and going to the gym 6 days a week I started to actually notice changes. My appetite had increased substantially and my endurance and drive to go to the gym were through the roof. 

I started to notice changes in the mirror too and that only motivated me further. I was seeing consistent results every week. I went from being a lanky kid to someone who looked like they had actually touched a barbell. 

I still struggled with confidence but knew I had at least started off in the right direction. 

Specifically, I remember when I returned to college after that summer, one of my best female friends saw me in the gym one day and stopped to give me a compliment. She said I looked great and she was happy I had been so consistent with lifting. She even complimented me on my arms, saying I must have a good pump at the moment because they looked insanely different than they did the last time she saw me before that summer. The funny thing is, it was leg day. That’s when it sort of hit me.  

Narrows had helped me make a change that was actually noticeable to OTHER PEOPLE, not just to me. The rush from getting that small compliment really motivated and encouraged me. While I’m still not a giant bodybuilder by any means, I have seen consistent progress in my body for months. 

Before I was ready to give up. I thought I just didn’t have the “genetics” that all the jacked guys had. But Narrows helped me realize that anyone can make insane changes to their body with some research and dedication. 

These days I feel more confident in myself every day. I’m much more forward and outgoing in my social life. While they’re few and far between, I actually get some compliments on how I look. I’m currently dating a girl that, two years ago, would never have even expected to give me a second glance. The confidence I gained from my progress in the gym event helped me to land my dream job after graduation. There’s no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Narrows Labs..

To summarize, for a long time I struggled with self-confidence issues that led to depression that I eventually overcame through changing my appearance via working out & some help from narrows.

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