CBD is a MUST for Powerful Post-Workout Recovery

Recovery is a crucial factor in making strength and muscle gains that is often discounted by athletes. CBD is a biohacking secret weapon for accelerated fitness and weight training.

Insufficient recovery is a significant risk factor for workout injuries that will put you out of commission and set you back weeks or months in your weight training. 

From a Brazilian paper analyzing causes of workout injury…

…[coping] with fatigue, pain and stress, the relevance of rest and the damage associated with inadequate recovery might contribute to reductions in the rate of sports injuries.

If you’re ever stressed or underslept, maybe take the day off weight training or at least be a little more conservative in your lifts and training.

Athletes and normal gym-going guys like me indulge a bit of sado-masochism in our workouts. In excessively comfortable modern society the gym is the place to push ourselves to our limits and cultivate a more stoic mindset. But what our arduous workouts necessitate is tranquility. In the same way that we strive to make gains in the gym or perfect our exercise technique, we should be a little more conscious and intentional about our recovery.

  • When you’re on the way to the gym instead of being consumed by the mundane worries of the day or listening to music think about your workout, visualize exercises and ask how your body feels.
  • After you finish your workout, spend a few minutes doing some profound belly breathing to bring your autonomic nervous system back to a parasympathetic state.
  • Get a massage in the evening after a workout.
  • Relax in a sauna.
  • Get some extra sleep after a workout, go to bed an hour earlier or turn off your alarm clock so you can sleep in as much as you need to.

The importance of sleep to recovery cannot be overstated. Post-workout, pre-bedtime you want to be more disciplined about your sleep hygiene

  • Avoid bright screens for an hour or two before bed.
  • Turn off your wifi router, cell phone, and computer before bed.
  • Turn off your lights an hour before bed and illuminate your room with candles, avoid harsh bright lights – brush your teeth in the dark in the bathroom.
  • Drink soothing chamomile or decaffeinated green tea before bed.
  • Instead of watching TV or browsing social media before bed, spend 30 – 60 minutes reading a book which are less stimulating.
  • Spend 15-20 minutes doing some kind of meditation.

This is where CBD comes into play, it’s an excellent tranquilizing anxiolytic, a small dose is enough to relax your nerves and clear your head of worries. You’ll get to sleep quickly, slumber deeply without waking up in the middle of the night and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

40-80 milligrams is a good workout recovery dose, you’ll have to experiment a bit to figure out what kind of dose is right for you, everyone is affected a little differently by CBD. You’ll know you’ve taken enough when 30-60 minutes after dosing, you get very drowsy, you go to bed and fall asleep within 10 minutes, don’t wake up in the middle of the night and wake up feeling reenergized, not groggy. A smaller dose of, say,  25 milligrams is certainly helpful and good for stress, but I find it’s a barely perceptible effect. I get the same relaxing effect from doing meditation, some deep breathing exercises or reading for 45 minutes. For that reason, I use CBD exclusively on workout days when I really need it, the other days of the week I do meditation, drink anxiolytic herbal tea, read or make love to my wife to wind down at the end of the day.

Other benefits of CBD

Anti-inflammatory effect – There are not studies specifically on CBD and workout recovery, what is known is that it has an anti-inflammatory effect. However, CBD is extremely popular, used by millions of people, its effect assuaging pain and muscle soreness is very commonly reported.

Enables exercise euphoria boosting Anandamide – the neurotransmitter that you have to thank if you’ve ever enjoyed runners’ high. CBD blocks the breakdown of Anandamide, resulting in more of that feel-good inspirational headspace.

CBD does not give you the munchies like cannabis does, you don’t need to worry that you’ll impulsively consume a whole pizza after takin some CBD.

In 2018 the US and World Anti-Doping Agency removed Cannabidiol from their list of banned substances which is a notable vote of confidence in the general safety and effectiveness of CBD for athletes. CBD is a legal way to give yourself a real recovery advantage over the competition.

Not all CBD is created equal…

As a popular and largely unregulated supplement, there’s a lot of concern with quality and purity. You want to double-check a certificate of analysis to verify that the CBD you’re taking is THC-free, 1 out of 5 CBD products sold online are adulterated with THC. You might not love the psychoactive effects of THC and you don’t want to “pee positive” – fail a drug test – because of a supplement you took.

High-quality CBD is NOT cheap – The harvesting, extraction, purification, and quality assurance process involved make it a supplement that you want to be very discriminating with if you choose to use it.

The not-insignificant cost of supplementing CBD kicks in your sunk-cost motivational mechanism. It will motivate you to stay consistent with good recovery habits. If you often succumb to the temptation to scroll endlessly through social media before bed after a workout, spend a bit of money on something like a good CBD supplement, a meditation app membership or some biohacking tech (like Heartmath devices) which empower recovery – when you spend money on these sorts of things what you’re really doing is buying the discipline you need to stay consistent with good habits.

Capsuled CBD Capsules by Narrows Labs

60 capsules, each containing 25 milligrams of CBD Isolate. 2-3 capsules are a good workout recovery dose. 1 capsule daily is a good stress management dose 

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C60 Fullerene & Hemp Extract Olive Oil by C60Suppy.com

Combines CBD hemp extract in super-premium extra virgin olive oil for enhanced absorption with C60, a superantioxidant that has a synergistic effect together.

100-milliliter bottle contains 500 milligrams of CBD, thus a recovery would be between

40 milligrams – 8 milliliters – A teaspoon and half

80 milligrams – 16 milliliters – About 3 teaspoons

However, C60 has a synergistic effect stress-busting sleep hacking effect, you may need a lot less because it’s such a potent combination. A little less than a teaspoon unleashed awesome recovery sleep for me.

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