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Stacking supplements

Stacking supplements are critical to put the gains into overdrive and speed up muscular growth and recovery. Adding nitric oxide to branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) or bookending heavy training with creatine (before) and casein (after) are some of the oldest tricks in the book.

RAD140 (Testolone) is a leading non-steroid for rapid muscle development and increased endurance, especially popular for relatively minimal side-effects. It is a popular alternative for testosterone replacement therapy, despite pending FDA approval, primarily owing to selective activation of androgen receptors. The selective activity also helps dramatic build and growth of muscle mass and bone density by targeted protein use. It doesn’t convert into testosterone (being structurally different), and hence is safe for kidneys, liver, skin, and reproductive health. RAD-140 helps rapid muscle development and cell growth, as well as limits atrophy and fatigue, making recovery easier.

Cardarine. Originally developed by Glaxo-SmithKline and Ligand Pharma in the 1990s to inhibit tumor formation, it soon soared in popularity as athletes and bodybuilders found out about its remarkable properties of boosting endurance.

Cardarine limits metabolic fat formation (lipogenesis) and inhibits fatty acid chains formed in the body (and hence stored fat). In addition, the are highly selective, attaching only to Peroxisome Proliferator Activator receptor (PPARs) in adipose tissue (bone marrow), brain, breast tissue, visceral fat around vital organs, and underneath the skin. By interacting with specific enzymes, they regulate proteins involved in energy use. Together, these help not only in limiting tumor growths in these organs, prostate, or intestines, but dramatically improve cardiovascular ability, and hence endurance. It also helps favorably regulate the healthy cholesterol and LDL in the body.

The immense gains in ability to handle high-energy activity, increase in muscle fiber count, allied to quicker healing of wounds and cellular damage, means Cardarine is often hailed as the ‘king of endurance’. The combination increases muscle size in bodybuilders and lifters.

So two great products, proven gains, and selective action benefits. RAD-140 does the muscle building and growth, while Cardarine shoots up the endurance, but what happens when we hit the glass ceiling and our muscle gains simply refuse to go up despite punishing workouts and thousands of calories of carefully monitored diet.

Enter, YK-11 (*drumrolls*)

I know, the experienced athletes are probably thinking “really?”

But Advanced Series YK-11, a non-steroid  testosterone, makes for an insanely effective combination with RAD140 or Cardarine.

Cardarine and YK-11 stacks are great as fat burners. The high endurance of Cardarine allows you to go longer, even as the dry gains from YK-11 mimic those of natural testosterone. Keep in mind, YK-11 is classified as a synthetic steroid, and is structurally very similar to testosterone, which makes it very potent. However, the anabolic action – muscle growth, retention, and new muscle-cell building is devoid of major side effects like those of testosterone HRT. This leads to a safe, and healthy alternative to gain muscle, and leverage the stack to keep pushing those weights longer so you can retain and grow further.

Since testosterone is a reproductive hormone as well, it increases male libido. YK-11 further works on hair follicles, reacts to only specific tissues, and doesn’t impact prostate growth like its natural counterpart. Minor side effects may include some activation of sebacious glands leading to acne and sleeping problems.

RAD 140 + YK 11 stack is even more pronounced in helping build muscle mass and how it increases muscle size. Together, they deliver dry gains extremely fast. Without any major changes in diet or caloric changes, and workout regiment, there are tangible gains in strength within the first week.

Most of all, since Testolone attaches itself to the muscle for anabolic action, recovery is insanely fast. It helps you smash through the barriers and add weights to your reps within the first couple of weeks and keep aiming high. RAD140 would truly push the anabolic effect, even as YK-11 pairs up as a myostatin inhibitor (producing more follistatin from muscle cells) to help growth and chemical recomposition. Unlike other products (DHT) or synthetic steroids which claim myostatin inhibitor properties, YK-11 limits the progesterone receptors, and hence works better to go beyond genetic structural limitations of your muscles.

Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to stack two excellent compounds if you’re committed to make your body work harder and see the gains and are staying within the prescribed dosage.