Narrows Labs has launched an ambassador program featuring men who’ve used Narrows Labs to overcome adversity to transform into a better, strong version of themselves.

What We Do?


Therefore, we provide inspiration, information, products, and a community to help with your transformation to a better YOU.

We believe men can use fitness to overcome any obstacle. Fitness serves as a way to exercise self-discipline. Where everyday you complete a workout, you’ve won a small battle. And as we all know, you win the war by winning the battles.

Who We Are?

Narrows Labs is a research product and supplement brand that provides cutting-edge products to help men achieve their transformation.

We’re widely known in the industry for our relentless testing of our products and unmatched customer service. We let our customers know we are truly there to help them along in their journey.

Narrows Labs started as a SARMs seller. At first, our mission was to simply provide quality SARMs with great customer service. However, over time, we saw the effect our products had on our customers.

Like the founder, many of our customers have used fitness and Narrows Labs to overcome life’s obstacles.

And thus, the

#Transformation Nation

was born.

We Want You

Become a Narrows Labs Ambassador

We want you to join the Transformation Revolution. Why? Because our brand purpose was inspired by the transformations of our customers.

Look, you got the look. You can be an inspiration to our fellow Narrows Labs customers. The team at Narrows Labs is proud to invite you to become a Narrows Labs Brand Ambassador.

Some of our customers have told us how they’ve overcome injuries, substance abuse problems, lack of confidence… Let us know your story in a few short videos along with some transformation pics. We’ll share these in our emails, blogs, and on our social media.

Our Brand Messaging

As an ambassador of Narrows

Labs, we want to make sure your content is congruent with our messaging.


  • Hitting plateaus
  • Being average


  • Gains

Characteristics and Behavior

  • Proud but never satisfied
  • Results-driven
  • No excuses
  • Love the grind
  • Put in the work
  • Want an edge

Initial Deliverables

  • Video 1: Two-four minute video of your transformation. Make sure you answer the following questions.
    1. What was your challenge or problem and how did this make you feel (emotionally)?
    2. Who were your enemies?
    3. How did Narrows Labs help you overcome this challenge?
    4. How did you feel once you’ve overcome this challenge?
  • Photos: Provide 4-10 photos of your before and after pics.
  • Share the video to your social media.
  • Send the video to our ambassador manager.

Monthly Submission Requirements

  • Must send required postings to our brand ambassador to confirm.
  • Postings must be done on separate days.
  • Postings must be submitted before the first of the month.

Ambassador Payouts

  • Must provide proof of posting requirements to the ambassador manager.
  • Required posts must be done on separate days. And must be done on the first of the month.