Adam’s Journey: “I am 13 months clean! 220lbs and muscular as hell!”

I feel like it’s only fair I share my story to others, so that hope can be spread, and miracles can be heard of.

My Name is Adam and I’m 28 years old.

I fell into the statistics of the opioid epidemic at the young age of 15. A tooth ache! Is how it all started..over prescribing oxycontin at age 15!

Not knowing what was ahead of me with consuming this little pill, eventually this pill consumed me. From that moment I became heavily dependent, physically, mentally on opioids. All my morals..compassion..GONE.

I stole, cheated, and lied my way everyday to get my next fix. My rock bottom had tunnels underneath because I lost friends to this epidemic, family and just about everything that mattered.

I met a girl who I was head over heels for, ironically made me see who I was capable of being, what I was worth…but that was short lived. Here I was 140lbs skin and bone depressed junkie with an attitude problem. Something clicked in me and instead of losing hope I was furious with myself, I was disgusted at where my life was. 

Fast forward to today, I am 13 months clean! 220lbs and muscular as hell! I know what I am worth, and it’s a lot! I am living clean for ME..I LOVE who I am today.

With all my spare time I had in rehab, I grew a passion for fitness and weight training, and through Narrows Labs support, I was and continue to be inspired to stay on track, because Narrows had provided me with inspiration, supportive team..and with that I have a goal..

My goal is to continue thriving! to help other people struggling and to find a new way of life! 

Welcome to fitness, welcome to A NEW YOU!!

3 thoughts on “Adam’s Journey: “I am 13 months clean! 220lbs and muscular as hell!”

  1. Brandon Blackler says:

    You have no idea how incredibly proud I am of you and your journey from rock bottom to the top. You’ll succeed with whatever you choose to do, there’s no looking back now buddy just straight ahead!

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