Adding Muscle the Right Way

Workout is seldom the silver bullet to to build muscle mass and add bulk to your frame. Time spent in gym must be aided by supplemental nutrition to improve restorative, anabolic activity of bones and muscles. In decades gone by, steroids were the supplements of choice. However, considering several side-effects they cause, far outweighing the benefits, the push has been to find a safe, non-steroidal alternative. Ligandrol leads the field of non-steroidal options.

Several recent scientific trials have revealed tangible benefits of Ligandrol:

  1. Ligandrol only displays affinity to androgen receptors in muscles. High selectivity makes it safe for targeted use to build muscle mass, heal muscle tear, and rebuild strength without affecting other vital organs, skin, or brain.
  2. Anti-resorptive properties benefits osteoporesis and restores skeletal balance by generating more bone tissues. It is decidedly safer than Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for increasing bone mineral density, without the harmful long-term effects of potential malignancy (especially of breast and prostate), or gall-bladder infections.
  3. It also arrests muscular atrophy and skeletal muscle loss, especially in patients suffering from post-menopausal symptoms, cancer, kidney diseases etc. Selective anabolic activity without dosage or side-effects on hair or skin means it is effective in helping patients withstand Chemotherapy as well.
  4. Orally active, Ligandrol can increase muscle size along-side intensive training, without impacting antigen production or virility adversely. Pharmacodynamic modeling of random tests on human subjects, have shown significant gains in lean muscle mass and endurance even in short time span.

In short, it’s an excellent anabolic supplement for bulking up.

Advantage of using Ligandrol, over traditional HRT is in notable lack of side-effects. The robust selectivity targets only bones and muscles necessary for rapid muscle development and increased endurance.

Testosterone replacements/ hormonal replacements hitherto have focused on activating androgen, the hormone present in both men and women which aids sexual health, brain activity, and metabolic health of kidney and liver. However, over-compensating by boosting androgens can lead to cancers or harmful side effects; under-activation, on the other hand, can cause atrophy, virility issues etc.

Andarine (S-4) or RAD 140 are safer, effective alternative for selective anabolic boost to muscles and bones, increasing size and augmenting growth, improving use of proteins by the body, and helping rebuild stronger muscles by forming new molecules.

Atheletes and bodybuilders have already adopting compounds like RAD140 (Testolone) to bind to testosterone hormones. Despite a pending FDA approval, they are available online for bodybuilders who look for rapid muscle development and increased endurance to withstand a punishing training regimen. Since they follow anabolic pathways like steroids, only with greater selectivity and affinity to bind to bones and muscles, these supplements also heal injured brain regions by repairing cellular damage. RAD140 does NOT activate the kidney and liver enzymes, hence avoiding the gall-bladder diseases or liver toxicity side-effects of hormone boosters. SARMs also do not activate sebaceous glands, limiting their activity to intended receptors.

Opt for selective androgen receptors today, and avail the healthy way to build muscle mass, improve endurance, and rapid growth.

Smash the Muscle Mass Barrier: 1-Andro and 4-Andro Reviews

A shredded physique is about two contradictory processes coming together. On one hand, it needs you to build muscle faster, absorbing the proteins from diet to build new muscle fiber molecules, with greater resistance to shocks. On the other hand, you need to cut body fat, to ensure only lean muscle mass packs in your frame.

1-Andro Max Pro Hormone is a highly effective prohormone which achieves both without the side-effects associated with hormone boosters, or methylated supplements.

High potency of 1-Andro comes from a few different chemical properties:

  1. It is anti-estrogenic, so it doesn’t turn into estrogen or testosterone, but instead to 1-testosterone in a two-step reaction. This ensures there are no DHT-conversion like side-effects like activation of sebacious glands (acne), follicular weakening (hair loss), or virility issues. Yet, the ‘dry gains’ of testosterone as a muscle building supplement, are obtained.
  2. Anti-estrogenic properties mean, these are also excellent fat burners, and minimize water retention. This helps in slow, but long-term gains in lean muscle mass, and retaining your gains for longer (particularly effective in those final few weeks running up to the competition). This is ideal for the cutting cycle.
  3. 1-Andro is a proven neutrosteroid as well, stimulating endocrine activity to target better brain function. Additionally, it has shown clinical benefits in treating brain trauma, epilepsy, improving endurance of brain muscles, sleep, cognitive activity, as well as analgesic and anesthetic neurogenic effects. Several of these are also under further medical investigation for random testing on human subjects for establishing standard medical treatments.

There are minor side-effects of mild headache and slight increase in anxiety and aggression, which tapers off over time as your metabolism get used to lower water retention and fat percentage.

When muscle building hits that inevitable plateau and gains slow down, despite higher weights, and nutrient-rich diet, the body needs to break through the barrier by fortifying the anabolic ability. As a premier anabolic primer, 4-Andro Xtreme Pro Hormone is a perfect partner-in-crime to the 1-Andro, helping build muscle faster and retain the gains.

Taking your body to the next level of bodybuilding, 4-Andro dramatically increases your lean muscle mass, power, and strength. Both 1-Andro and 4-Andro are transported by blood in their inactive form. Being non-methylated means, they are less taxing for the liver, gall-bladder, and kidney. As such, they are safer options for long-term use. They are also absorbed better (and quicker) by the bloodstream.

Extremely high anabolic behavior by 4-Andro often yields a sense of euphoria. It does impact the blood pressure, and hence it’s advisable to complement with proper diet, and training. Back pumps and cramps are common side-effects in the initial phases.

Cycle length: 5-7 weeks

Dosage: 300 – 600 mg

Gains (expected): 10-12 lbs of lean muscle mass

It is strongly advised to stop usage beyond 8 continuous weeks, and take 8 weeks off between cycles

Both 1-Andro and 4-Andro are great supplements for stacking with other fat burners and muscle building supplements. As a natural anabolic, they perform best with dry compounds like Epi-Andro or Follidrone, especially because they work together in keeping the water retention low. Adding a bit of PCT is advisable to maintain hormonal balance of body.

Ibutamoren (MK-677): Latest on Increasing Muscle Growth

The search for a safe, orally-active, selective growth hormone is a subject of many forum debates and clinical researches. Ibutamoren, available over-the-counter, a preclinical growth hormone may as well be the answer to all those wishes.

Ibutamoren (MK-677), also known as Ibutamoren mesylate, L-163, MK-677, or provisional brand name Oratrope, has found favor has a highly potent ghrelin receptor. It mimics the growth hormone stimulation of ghrelin, imparting sustained plasma level upshots in without cortisol level increase. This leads to lean body mass gains without affecting visceral fat, or total fat mass. This is especially useful in treating elderly individuals or children suffering from growth hormone deficiency. Random studies on human subjects have shown gains in bone mineral density (BMD), tissue turnover, and muscle mass – helping recovery of atrophy, osteoporesis or frailty in these groups. In children, many of these benefits are achieved without altering glucose levels, insulin levels, or concentration of thyrotropin or prolactin.

For bodybuilders, this offers a promising solution to increasing muscle mass without having to go through the rigors of bringing down the body fat percentage too much. Building the additional muscle mass and improving gains doesn’t require major dietary changes as you break through the growth barriers by mimicking the natural GH activity of the body.

Activated GHSR and additional stimulation to insulin-like growth factor1 (IGF-1) means, MK-677 has many nootropic benefits. It helps with the brain’s cognitive ability, restores biological rhythms, improves mood, memory, appetite, and imparts a feeling of pleasure. This is a remarkably effective hangover cure without impacting immune system or blood-thinning, typical of cortisol suppressant GHSRs.

Overall, MK-677 is a great supplement for growth and neurological health, sans any side-effects on the natural, endrogenous hormonal balance of the body.