Monthly Archives: May 2020

Elite biohackers, world-class bodybuilders and anti-aging researchers are using an unofficially sanctioned peptide for rapid healing and whole body rejuvenation. The potent peptide BPC-157 is turning heads and flipping paradigms in anti-aging because of how quickly and effectively it works as a healing agent and in arresting and reversing numerous diseases and aging conditions. It’s […]

So you hear from your gym buddy, coach or some enthusiastic internet personality about BPC-157, this magnificent natural peptide that is supposed to heal injuries rapidly. A stubborn micro-injury in your shoulder, elbow or back has been bothering you for months so you Google BPC-157 and the first thing you see is… “Research Chemical – […]

“It’s often a razor’s edge you’ll walk between coaxing adaptation while avoiding exhaustion (or injury). Master this, and you’ll unlock the key to continual progress.” ― Craig Cecil, bodybuilder and author   Advancement in the gym towards greatness is a dance with a danger; pushing yourself to your limits and approaching your physical breaking point. […]

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