11 Benefits of BPC-157

This natural gut peptide is often called the Wolverine Drug because of its fantastic healing properties.

But, it’s not technically a drug, neither is it a supplement, it’s a “research chemical” that is renowned as a powerful tool for recovery of a wide range of workout-related injuries. Here we’ll evaluate its practical applications for the accelerated enormity of “lab rats” who lurk in the gym along with some of its wider beneficial effects on health.


Site-Specific Healing

BPC-157 is most commonly used as an injectable peptide, bodybuilders inject it into muscles nearby injury sites, and anecdotally this has a dramatic effect in empowering the body to heal itself. While injected BPC-157 is effective both in animal research and in numerous well documented N of 1 case studies there are a few notable issues with this.

  • Raw peptide powders must be very carefully reconstituted with bacteriostatic water which can be tricky.
  • It does entail a small injection, you should be competent with a needle and proper sanitization.
  • Many of the online sources of the peptide sell bunk stuff, it’s an unregulated grey market and buyers must beware.


Systemic Healing

Thankfully, it can be taken as a normal oral capsuled supplement. It acts as a systemic peptide, going where it needs to go in the body to do its job. This isn’t because it’s “magic” –  it’s a natural peptide produced in the gut that’s used in different ways for healing and maintaining homeostasis. When you supplement it, you give your body more of this peptide to use as needed. A handful of scientific studies have evaluated the effectiveness of the oral form of BPC-157. 

What’s said about its oral effects…

Raymond R on Amazon

“Such a wonder supplement to repair or heal almost any type of injury or condition. I’ve used BPC to fix my mother’s tennis elbow, and to heal my wife’s sciatic nerve pain caused from a disc herniation. I’m glad I’ve finally been able to find an oral version. The oral method works just as effective and systematically. I’m using it now to heal my leaky gut that I’ve recently been diagnosed with.”

It works! From Joseph Burgey on Amazon

“At first I was skeptical about oral BPC-157. I’ve heard it only works injectable. After reading studies done on it, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work orally.

IT WORKS. After 5 days of taking 1 cap a day. It literally healed my bloating issues that I had been dealing with for years. I’m so thankful for finding this. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is dealing with gut issues.”


Accelerated Injury Healing

Strained elbows, sprained ankles, shoulder injuries, and various micro-injuries are an inevitability of spending a lot of time in the gym pushing your body to its limits. BPC-157 has earned the respect of bodybuilders because of its surprisingly fast-acting effect on a wide variety of injuries.

A Croatian study found that it effectively and rapidly healed injured muscles

BPC 157, at all investigated intervals, given locally or intraperitoneally, accelerated post-injury muscle healing and also helped to restore the full function.

While well researched, and very popular among bodybuilders it has not yet undergone a “gold standard” human clinical trial. The published science done is limited to animal research, which a 2019 study summarizes

In animals, BPC 157 has an anti-inflammatory effect and therapeutic effects in functional recovery and the rescue of somatosensory neurons in the sciatic nerve after transection, upon brain injury after concussive trauma, and in severe encephalopathies. 

The study used it to heal spinal cord injuries and concluded

The functional rescue provided by BPC 157 after spinal cord injury implies that BPC 157 therapy can impact all stages of the secondary injury phase.


Joint and Knee Pain

Abundant anecdotal evidence suggests that several days or a week of administration will make a real difference with problematic joint issues.

A recent UK university paper documents its capacity for accelerating musculoskeletal soft tissue healing.

It counteracts the toxicity the NSAIDs, like Aspirin which are commonly used for pain relief, its general safety is emphasized

Unlike NSAIDs, a very high safety (no reported toxicity (LD1 could be not achieved)) profile is reported for BPC 157. 

Here’s what people are saying about its effect on pain…

Great for injury/recovery from Brandon on Amazon

“I’ve had some tendinitis issues in my right bicep tendon and left knee ever since some kickboxing fights years ago. It has helped pretty much get rid of the achy feeling and associated pain; I’m actually able to do things that utilize it! (Kickboxing, weights, etc).

Chris on Amazon

Since having been taking BPC-157, my knee pain is gone! There happened just three days. But, I’ll wait to go running so that I can make sure not to reInjure myself. What really gave me some indication that this product was working was that after my bench day I noticed that I experienced less discomfort immediately following my workout and that my shoulder wasn’t giving me as much discomfort the following days and seemed to fade faster than it had in the past.”


Growth Hormone Stimulant

A 2018 study identifies these healing benefits as stemming from its mechanism stimulating Angiogenic Growth Factors, this accelerates muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone healing.


Fixing “Leaky Gut”

Gut and bowel disorders are very common in modernity, while this has everything to do with the standard American diet and our bad habits, sometimes lifestyle changes are not enough to fix them.

One of the more interesting papers delves into how the peptide this peptide modulates the Gut-Brain Axis

BPC 157, a gastric peptide, may serve as remedy in various [Central Nervous System]-disorders.

It’s been identified as a novel therapy in gastrointestinal tract disorders

Stable gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 is an anti-ulcer peptidergic agent, safe in inflammatory bowel disease clinical trials… and wound healing, stable in human gastric juice and has no reported toxicity…

BPC 157 successfully heals the intestinal anastomosis, gastrocutaneous, duodenocutaneous and colocutaneous fistulas… Thus, BPC 157 may improve gastrointestinal tract therapy.


Full Spectrum Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Inflammation is generally harmful, especially when it’s chronic it results in various diseases.

There are seven studies delving into its anti-inflammatory effects, its an effective anti-oxidant according to a 2018 Slovenian study which established that it can prevent and treat gastrointestinal inflammation by reducing the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS).


Sleep Enhancer

Sleep quantity and quality has everything to do with our bodies capacity to recover and rebuild muscles after a grueling workout, along with healing injuries.

While not evaluated in studies, rigorous self-experimenter Lucas Aoun reported to me that he got his best sleep ever on BPC-157 as measured by his Oura Ring.


Healing Eye Injuries

A 2018 European study found that it rapidly healed corneal injuries to the eye 

BPC 157 effects the rapid regaining of corneal transparency… Thus, BPC 157 eye drops successfully close perforating corneal incisions…


Counteracting Liver Disease

Six studies underline its effect on counteracting liver diseases. An older study published in the esteemed journal Life Sciences established its Hepatoprotective effect and concluded

Thus, on the basis of consistent protective effect of BPC 157, possible clinical application in liver diseases is now warranted.

A 2019 European animal study evaluated its apparent beneficial effect on Liver Fibrosis

BPC 157 therapy markedly abated jaundice, snout, ears, paws, and yellow abdominal tegmentum in controls since 4th week, ascites, nodular, steatotic liver with large dilatation of main bile duct, increased liver and/or cyst weight, decreased body weight… Thus, BPC 157 may counteract liver fibrosis and portal hypertension.


Arthritis Treatment

One of the first animal studies that made BPC-157 stand out among research chemicals found it highly effective in treating Arthritis after a two-week course of administration.

As a therapy of already established adjuvant arthritis, its salutary effect consistently appeared already after 2 weeks of medication and it could be clearly seen also after 1 year of application.


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